How To Apply Strips False Eyelashes [Guide]

Mink Lashes Guide



Measure our 3D mink lash against your natural lash line to make sure your lashes are the correct length. Trim your lashes. Apply lash glue wait 30 seconds until the glue is tacky. Put the mink lashes at the lash line starting with the inner corner working outwards. delicately tap down the mink lashes for 30 seconds to set.


When removing your mink lashes, take makeup remover and a cotton swab soak the cotton swap in the makeup remover. Dab the mink lashes band and wait for glue to loosen. Repeat process if band is still attached avoid peeling the lash off. Make sure to remove the glue completely from lash and after each use. When removing the excess glue we recommend using tweezers. 


After removing the glue, store the mink lashes in your customized King Collection lash box to extend the life of your 3D mink lashes. With proper care, King Collection Lashes can be worn up to 25 times or more.